Jillian Schillaci

Thanks for all your hard work! Oh, and by the way, ALL the guys in our office have a huge crush on you because of your voice!
L. David McBride

L. David McBride, Attorney-at-Law
McBride & Associates, P.C.

“I’d be proud to endorse Jillian Nielsen, for all her expertise. Factors for which she is now gleaning accolades from clients for whom she makes the cash register ring. For that info you can visit her website. I feel it important to endorse those elements of Jillian’s character, knowledge, professionalism, ethics and integrity, which in no small way have been factors in her successes for clients.”
R. Mark Cortner, Sales & Marketing Agent

R. Mark Cortner, Sales & Marketing Agent
Superior Access Solutions

“I met with our NIC client yesterday to review the LGBTQI e-course… and she loved it!!! Thank you so much for lending your talents to this project. I really do mean it when I say that your voice adds so much warmth and heart to this course!!! Thanks again!!!”
Anne Malone

Anne Malone, Senior Instructional Systems Designer
c2 Technologies

“I just had my call with the client to review the Justice Involved Women courses. To say she was effusive in her praise of Jillian’s narration would be a massive understatement. She loved it, and said she wishes she could hire Jillian for all her courseware. I can’t remember everything she said, but the words “perfect” and “flawless” were each mentioned a couple of times.”

Shannon Fenner, Instructional Systems Designer
c2 Technologies

Jillian, you are fabulous and we simply could not be as effective without your grace and charm. We agree – best yet! Actually we’re ready for next year already! Thank you so much and we appreciate your constant attention and support and we love working with you as well!

Pam Richardson

Pam Richardson, President/CEO
Volunteers of America

Got it! Beautiful read! Your voice is so gorgeous!
Thank you Jillian! The clients love it! And we do too!
Caroline Campbell

Caroline Campbell
Media Development